The motivation of Gentopia.

Published on June 05, 2023 by TheDevsLot


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Agent practitioners start to realize the difficulty in tuning a “well-rounded” agent with tons of tools or instructions in a single layer. Recent studies like TinyStories, Specializing Reasoning, Let’s Verify SbS, ReWOO, etc. also point us towards an intuitive yet undervalued direction 👉

An LLM is more capable if you create a context/distribution shift specialized to some target tasks.

Sadly, there is no silver bullet for agent specialization. For example, you can:

  • Simply add Let’s think step by step. in your prompt for more accurate Math QA.
  • Give a few-shot exemplar in your prompt to guide a better reasoning trajectory for novel plotting.
  • Supervise fine-tuning (SFT) your 70B llama2 like this to match reasoning of 175B GPT-3.5.
  • Tune your agent paradigm like this demo to easily half the execution time for Seach & Summarize.

Isn’t it beautiful if one shares his effort in specialized intelligence, allowing others to reproduce, build on, or interact with it? 🤗 This belief inspires us to build Gentopia, designed for agent specialization, sharing, and interaction, to stackingly achieve collective growth towards greater intelligence..